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IQ Color Sensor

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Works with products and accessories.
VIQRC legal.

The Color Sensor detects the color of objects

  • Measures simple color
  • Measures color hue
  • Measures independent Red, Green, and Blue in 256 levels each
  • Measure ambient light level
  • Supports event programming to simplify software

The VEX IQ Color Sensor has multiple modes, which allow it to capture different types of information from its environment. The information it collects is affected by the lighting conditions of its environment as well as the distance between the sensor and the object or surface it is reading.

  • (1) Color Sensor
  • 1" x 1" x 1"
  • Connectors:

    • (1) Smart Port



    • Get color by name
    • Get color by hue
    • Get color by RGB
    • Get Ambient
    • Get IR
    • Alert on color name detected