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IQ Robot Brain (2nd Generation)

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Works with products and accessories.
VIQRC legal.

The IQ Robot Brain is the heart of every VEX IQ robot. Students and teachers can run programs and get important feedback in real-time. Smart Ports automatically detect the type of connected device and handle motors and sensors interchangeably.  The IQ Robot Brain also updates sensors and the controller automatically.

Other features include:

  • Built-in Bluetooth 5.0 Radio 
  • Built-in 6-Axis Gyro/Accelerometer
  • Color screen with multi-lingual support
  • Dashboards provide real-time diagnostics
  • 12 Smart Ports
  • Programmable with VEXcode IQ in Blocks, C++ and Python
  • Download code wirelessly with the IQ Controller (2nd generation)
  • MicroSD slot for storage and datalogging

Note: Battery not included. Must be purchased separately.

What's New?


  • Color Graphical User Interface
  • Multilingual text in many languages
  • Improved graphical dashboards
  • Automatic device and controller updates


  • Programmable with VEXcode in Blocks, C++ or Python
  • Eight user program slots
  • Wireless program downloads through the Controller
  • Downloadable sounds and voices
  • Automatic Matches timers
  • Easy USB-C battery charging


  • Brain has 4x speed, 12x ram, 32x flash compared to 1G Brain
  • MicroSD for storage and datalogging
  • Improved Smart Ports
  • Works with Custom and 3rd Party Sensors

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The IQ Robot Brain (2nd generation) is compatible with all VEX IQ branded electronics except the modular radios like the Smart Radio.  This incompatibility is because the IQ Robot Brain (2nd generation) has the radio built in.