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What STEM Can Do for Your Classroom: Improving Student Problem Solving, Collaboration, and Engagement, Grades K–6

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Jason McKenna, VP of Global Educational Strategy for VEX Robotics, describes how teaching STEM education in his elementary school changed his classroom and his life, improving his students' and his own approaches to problem solving, collaboration, and general motivation to learn. Offering examples, tried and tested classroom projects, and collaborative strategies, this innovative resource opens up STEM education in K–6 classrooms in exciting and expansive new ways.

K–6 educators will:

  • Understand the benefits and importance of STEM in elementary schools
  • Build resiliency and curiosity in students
  • Discover a variety of classroom instruction strategies to approach STEM assessment
  • Read vignettes discussing STEM implementation across grade levels
  • Use new strategies to engage and motivate student learning through voice and choice