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Motor Controller 29

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The VEX Motor Controller 29 uses a standard PWM signal (like that originating from the 3-wire ports on VEX Microcontrollers) to drive a VEX 2-Wire Motor.

Note: We recommend using no more more than one (1) 3-Wire extension cable in between the Motor Controller 29 and a VEX Microcontroller. For longer extensions, use 2-Wire extension cables in between the Motor Controller 29 and a VEX 2-Wire motor.

  • (1) Motor Controller 29
  • 0.02 lbs
  • Black Wire - Ground
  • Orange Wire - Power
  • White Wire - PWM Signal: 1ms - 2ms will give full reverse to full forward, 1.5ms is neutral
  • Red & Black Wires - Motor Connections
  • Max Battery Voltage: Max battery voltage: 8.5V (with fully charged 7.2V battery)
  • Max Current: Max current: 4 A
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  • Compatible with 3-wire motor ports on all VEX Microcontrollers