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V5 Workcell Kit (No Control System)

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(No Control System)

VEX Robotics has leveraged our 5th generation robotics platform, VEX V5, to the task of Automation Robotics.  Using the wealth of robotics electronics, motors, sensors, mechanical and motion components, we developed the Workcell specifically for Career and Technical Education.  Tied in with our successful VEXcode programming software, students can learn Factory Automation concepts in an approachable manner.

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Note: This kit does not include the V5 Control System Electronics.

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V5 Workcell Kit (No Control System) [276-8655]

  • (8) V5 Smart Motors (5.5W)
  • (18) V5 Sensors
  • (1) V5 Electromagnet
  • (36) Weighted Discs
  • (3) Storage Bins
  • (3) Storage Trays
  • (3) Storage Bin Lids
  • (3500) Construction components


The following parts found in the V5 Workcell Kit (276-7900) are NOT included:

  • USB Cable (228-2785)
  • V5 Robot Brain (276-4810)
  • V5 Robot Battery (276-4811)
  • V5 Robot Battery Charger (276-4812)
  • V5 Battery Clips (276-6020)
  • V5 Power Cable (276-4817)
  • 4x V5 Smart Motor (276-4840)
  • V5 Smart Cables (Starter Pack) (276-6364)

The V5 Workcell Kit can only be used with the V5 Control System. It is not compatible with VEX EXP.