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15x30 Base Plate (2-pack)

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Compatible with products and accessories.
VRC, VEX U, VAIC legal.

Designed to serve as a foundation for a variety of robotics applications. Use them as a base to create a large stationary robotic arm, interlock them to build larger manufacturing systems, or even use them as structural pieces in large-scale robotic applications.

  • (2) Base Plates included
  • 15-holes wide x 30-holes long
  • Made from cold rolled steel, 0.046" thick, zinc plated

(2) 15x30 Base Plate

Cold Rolled Steel per ASTM A-1008 CS Type B (approx 40ksi tensile strength)

Zinc Plated
7.5" W x 15" L x 0.546" H

1.4 lbs (Weight of 1 plate, no packaging)

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