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Aluminum Kits

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Compatible with products and accessories.
VRC, VEX U, VAIC, FTC legal.

Lighten the total weight of a robot or mechanism while still keeping it strong. VEX aluminum kits contain the same metal components as standard structural kits (C-Channel, Plates, and Bars), at a fraction of the weight for improved robot performance!

  • Compatible with all VEX Motion and Structure components.
  • Available in bundle kits or in single part multi-packs
Aluminum Structure
Grouped product items
Product Name SKU Qty
1x25 Aluminum Bar (16-pack)
5x25 Aluminum Plate (6-pack)
1x1x35 Aluminum Angle (6-pack)
2x2x35 Aluminum Angle (6-pack)
Aluminum C-channel
Grouped product items
Product Name SKU Qty
1x2x1x25 Aluminum C-Channel (6-pack)
1x5x1x25 Aluminum C-Channel (6-pack)
1x2x1x35 Aluminum C-Channel (6-pack)
1x3x1x35 Aluminum C-Channel (6-pack)
1x5x1x35 Aluminum C-Channel (6-pack)
Aluminum Kits
Grouped product items
Product Name SKU Qty
Aluminum Chassis Kit 25x25
Aluminum Structure Kit
Long Aluminum Structure Kit

Aluminum Chassis Kit 25x25 (276-2319)
(2) 2x2x25 Aluminum Angles
(4) 2x1x25 Aluminum Rails

Aluminum Structure Kit (275-1097)
(1) 25x25x2 Aluminum Chassis Kit
(4) 1x2x1x25 Aluminum C-Channels
(1) 1x5x1x25 Aluminum C-Channel
(2) 5x25 Aluminum Plates
(4) 1x25 Aluminum Bars

Long Aluminum Structure Kit (275-1410)
(4) 1x2x1x35 Aluminum C-Channels
(4) 1x5x1x35 Aluminum C-Channels
(4) 2x2x35 Aluminum Angles

5052-H32 Aluminum

Wire brushed & clear anodized finish
0.064 in (1.6 mm)

Aluminum Structural Pieces
1x25 Aluminum Bar: 0.030 lbs
5x25 Aluminum Plate: 0.146 lbs
1x1x35 Aluminum Angle: 0.1 lbs
2x2x35 Aluminum Angle: 0.154 lbs

Aluminum C-Channel
1x2x1x25 Aluminum C-Channel: 0.116 lbs
1x5x1x25 Aluminum C-Channel: 0.211 lbs
1x2x1x35 Aluminum C-Channel: 0.157 lbs
1x3x1x35 Aluminum C-Channel: 0.235 lbs
1x5x1x35 Aluminum C-Channel: 0.298 lbs

Aluminum Kits
25x25x2 Aluminum Chassis: 0.552 lbs

0.182 square hole (VEX standard)

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