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easyC V5 for VEX EDR & VEX IQ

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Works with products and accessories.

EasyC provides a crawl, walk, run software design allowing novice users to produce effective code within a short period of time and contains exposure to pure C code for advanced users wanting more complex programming methods. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and robust video tutorials, beginners can produce effective programs quickly while also learning concepts of pure C based coding.

  • Graphical controller configuration screen that maps ports to custom component names
  • Intuitive wizard-like programming interface
  • Easy to define gamepad control for tank and arcade driving styles
  • Function block colorcolour scheme matches VEX colorcolour palette

Click here to learn more about easyC v5 (PDF, 360 KB).

EasyC v5 licenses are available in individual, team, and classroom sizes and can be purchased from . A full featured 15 day trial of easyC v5 can be downloaded at .