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Funds and Grants for Robotics Programs

Meeting the demands of 21st Century STEM Education can be thrilling, but it can be a challenge to find funding for your programs. Whether you are developing an early childhood robotics program with VEX 123 or VEX GO, or starting a competition team with VEX IQ or V5, there are grants available for you.

What funds are available to me?

Available funding can vary depending on your region. View the appropriate funding for your location.

How do I write a grant application?

The Big Picture

Clarify your needs and determine your goals


Gather the Details

Collect the details and create a plan.


Writing Process

Write your application and proofread.


What Comes Next

Submit and understand the review process.

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What are the benefits of writing grant applications with VEX Robotics?

There are many funding opportunities available, and each will have their own requirements. No matter which funding option is the best fit, knowing the value of VEX Robotics for your classroom will be beneficial to your application.

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ESSER Funding is Available for Robotics Programs

The ESSER funds can be used for a variety of needs, as outlined by the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. This includes educational technology hardware, software, assessment and instructional materials, and more (ARP Act Section 2001(e)(2)(K)).

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ESSER Funding for Professional Development

Districts have the flexibility to use the ESSER funds on any “activity authorized by the Elementary and Secondary Education Act,” including teacher professional development.

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