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The STEM Continuum

VEX 123 - Coding Starts Early
VEX GO - STEM Starts Early
VEX IQ - Applied STEM Learning
VEX EXP - Real World STEM for Classrooms
VEX V5 - Real World STEM for Competition
VEX V5 Workcell - Workforce Readiness

The VEX Continuum enables educators to create a cohesive STEM learning plan for students from Kindergarten through high school, and beyond. The VEX Continuum consists of a series of VEX platforms, grounded in a continuity of resources, curriculum, and materials. A new resource for educators is Sammy. Use the activities below for a quick and easy way to introduce your students to STEM.

STEM Labs - Curriculum

Included with all Kits and Bundles

  • Standards-aligned educational curriculum
  • Getting Started guides
  • Project-based learning activities
  • Instructional support in every lesson
  • Facilitation guides, rubrics, and more
STEM Labs 123
STEM Labs V5
STEM Labs V5 Workcell

VEXcode VR

Learning and fun meet. The 3D worlds bring variety to your coding activities.


VR Grid

Wall Maze

VR Wall Maze

Castle Crasher

VR Castle Crasher

Art Canvas

VR Art Canvas


$999 annual

  • STEM expertise that evolves with you
  • Connect with experts on STEM pedagogy
  • Ever-growing collection of educational videos on how to effectively teach STEM
  • Monthly webinars on STEM education
  • News and articles about STEM education
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STEM Library

Included with all Kits and Bundles

  • Thousands of articles on STEM and VEX
  • Getting started
  • Robot design and engineering
  • Coding tips and techniques
  • STEM fundamentals
  • All online at

STEM Library