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VEX Structure

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V5RC, VURC, VAIRC legal.

Your one stop shop for all VEX V5 structural components. Select your structure and material type to see all matching products.

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Plates & Bars
1x1x35 Aluminum Angle (6-pack)
2x2x35 Aluminum Angle (6-pack)
2x2x25 Steel Angle (4-pack)
2x2x35 Steel Angle (4-pack)
3x3x35 Steel Angle (4-pack)
1x2x1x35 Steel C-Channel (2-pack)
1x5x1x25 Steel C-Channel (4-pack)
1x5x1x35 Steel C-Channel (4-pack)
45 Degree Gusset (6-pack)
Gusset Pack
1x25 Steel Bar (8-pack)
5x15 Steel Plate (2-pack)
5x25 Steel Plate (4-pack)
15x30 Steel Base Plate (2-pack)
2x1x25 Steel Chassis Rail (4-pack)
2x1x35 Steel Chassis Rail (4-pack)
Structure Type Material Type Name SKU Configure
Angles Aluminum 1x1x35 Aluminum Angle (6-pack) 276-6484 Select
2x2x35 Aluminum Angle (6-pack) 276-2304 Select
Steel 2x2x25 Steel Angle (4-pack) 275-1142 Select
2x2x35 Steel Angle (4-pack) 275-1143 Select
3x3x35 Steel Angle (4-pack) 275-1144 Select
C-Channels Aluminum 1x2x1x25 Aluminum C-Channel (6-pack) 276-2288 Select
1x2x1x35 Aluminum C-Channel (6-pack) 276-2289 Select
1x3x1x35 Aluminum C-Channel (6-pack) 276-4359 Select
1x5x1x25 Aluminum C-Channel (6-pack) 276-2290 Select
1x5x1x35 Aluminum C-Channel (6-pack) 276-2298 Select
2x2x2x20 Aluminum U-Channel (6-pack) 276-7285 Select
Steel 1x2x1x35 Steel C-Channel (2-pack) 276-2906 Select
1x5x1x25 Steel C-Channel (4-pack) 275-1138 Select
1x5x1x35 Steel C-Channel (4-pack) 275-1139 Select
Gussets Aluminum 30 Degree Gusset Pack 276-7758 Select
45 Degree Gusset Pack 276-7759 Select
60 Degree Gusset Pack 276-7760 Select
90 Degree Gusset Pack 276-7761 Select
90-Degree Gusset Set (4-pack) 276-2577 Select
C-Channel Coupler Gusset (8-pack) 276-2575 Select
Angle Coupler Gusset (8-pack) 276-2578 Select
Angle Corner Gusset (4-pack) 276-2576 Select
Steel 45 Degree Gusset (6-pack) 275-1186 Select
Gusset Pack 276-1110 Select
Kits Aluminum Aluminum Chassis Kit 25x25 276-2319 Select
Aluminum Structure Kit 275-1097 Select
Long Aluminum Structure Kit 275-1410 Select
V5 Clawbot Structure (Aluminum) 276-6240 Select
Plates & Bars Aluminum 1x25 Aluminum Bar (16-pack) 276-2307 Select
5x25 Aluminum Plate (6-pack) 276-2311 Select
Steel 1x25 Steel Bar (8-pack) 275-1141 Select
5x15 Steel Plate (2-pack) 275-2023 Select
5x25 Steel Plate (4-pack) 275-1140 Select
15x30 Steel Base Plate (2-pack) 276-1341 Select
Rails Steel 2x1x25 Steel Chassis Rail (4-pack) 275-1145 Select
2x1x35 Steel Chassis Rail (4-pack) 275-1146 Select

2x2x25 Steel Angle (4-pack) (275-1142)

  • (4) 2x2x25 Steel Angles

2x2x35 Steel Angle (4-pack) (275-1143)

  • (4) 2x2x35 Steel Angles

3x3x35 Steel Angle (4-pack) (275-1144)

  • (4) 3x3x35 Steel Angles

1x1x35 Aluminum Angle (6-pack) (276-6484)

  • (6) 1x1x35 Aluminum Angles

2x2x35 Aluminum Angle (6-pack) (276-2304)

  • (6) 2x2x35 Aluminum Angles

Steel Products

  • Cold Rolled Steel per ASTM A-1008 CS Type B (approx 40ksi tensile strength)

Aluminum Products

  • 5052-H32 Aluminum
Steel Products
  • 0.046" (1.17mm)

Aluminum Products
  • 0.064 in (1.6mm)

Steel Angle

  • 2x2x25 Steel Angle (275-1142): 0.252 lbs
  • 2x2x35 Steel Angle (275-1143): 0.353 lbs
  • 3x3x35 Steel Angle (275-1144): 0.516 lbs

Aluminum Angle

  • 1x1x35 Aluminum Angle (276-6484): 0.1 lbs
  • 2x2x35 Aluminum Angle (276-2304): 0.154 lbs

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