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Text Coding
Perfected with Monaco.

This is the same coding environment and tools that professional programmers use.

Video Tutorials.
Grasp concepts faster.

Built-in tutorials cover every aspect needed to get up to speed fast. And more tutorials are coming.

Help is always there.

Getting information on coding is fast and easy. These resources were written by professional programmers, in a form both teachers and students will grasp quickly.

Drivetrain commands.
A breakthrough in simplicity.

From driving forward, making precise turns, setting speed, and stopping precisely, VEXcode makes it easier than ever to control a robot.

Setup your VEX robot.

VEXcode's robot configuration is simple, flexible, and powerful. In no time at all you can setup your robot's drivetrain, controller features, motors, and sensors.

Get a head start with sample
code and templates.

Jumpstart your learning by starting with an existing project, covering every aspect of coding, controlling robots, and learning to use sensors.

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