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VEX Portable Competition Field Perimeter

Ships in December
Compatible with products and accessories.
VRC, VEX U, VAIC legal.

An all new and improved VRC Field Perimeter! Assembles in minutes with a simple snap-together construction.

Notable improvements from the original VRC Field Perimeter include:

  • Weight has been cut nearly in half
  • GPS Field Code is printed directly onto the walls to outfit your field with VEX GPS
  • Can be assembled by a single person in approximately 15 minutes
  • Includes wheeled carrying case for easy transportation of Field Perimeter (Field Tile carrying case also included)

Note: Field tiles and electronics are not included with the Portable Competition Field Perimeter.

VEX Portable Competition Field Perimeter (276-8242)

  • (16) T Connectors
  • (8) Corner Connectors
  • (4) Side Extrusions
  • (4) Center Extrusions
  • (4) Left Extrusions
  • (8) Vertical Center Extrusions
  • (4) Vertical Corner Extrusions
  • (12) GPS Code Extrusions
  • (8) Side Panels
  • (4) Center Panels
  • (2) Straps
  • (2) Field Cases
  • (2) Field Tile Cases