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Zip Ties

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Zip Ties

Smaller black Zip Ties are used to hold together and manage cables, band rubber chords, or attach to rollers or tank tread to assist an intake mechanism. 1/10" wide x 4" long with a rating of 18lbs.

  • Tie together cables or rubber cords.
  • Rating of 18lbs.

Larger black Zip Ties are used to tie larger objects to metal or attach to rollers to assist an intake. 11 inches long with a rating of 30lbs.

  • Tie larger objects to metal.
  • Rating of 30lbs.

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11" Zip Ties (100-pack)

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4" Zip Ties (100-pack)

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Kit Contents
  • (100) 4" Black Zip Ties

  • (100) 11" Black Zip Ties
  • 4" Zip Ties - 1/10" wide x 4" long
  • 11" Zip Ties - 11" long
Material Type
  • Nylon