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Claw Kit v2

In stock
Works with products and accessories.
V5RC, VURC, VAIRC legal.

The Claw Kit v2 provides additional functionality to any robot build by allowing you to easily grab and manipulate objects.

Note: Motor required and not included.

  • Dexterous enough to grab a feather
  • Comes partially assembled
  • Compatible with all VEX Mechanical Parts
  • (1) Claw Kit v2 Assembly
  • (2) #64 Rubber Band
  • (2) Star Drive Screw 8-32 x 1.500" Locking
  • (1) Rubber Shaft Collar
  • (1) 12T Gear with 1/8" Bore
  • (1) 4x Pitch Shaft

.56 lbs (.0254 kgs)

The Claw Kit v2 uses 12T metal pinions (276-7368). Spare pinions can be found here >

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Compatible with all VEX Mechanical Parts.