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System Bundle

All the essentials for controlling a VEX robot with the Cortex.

The Cortex System Bundle contains everything needed to start controlling a VEX robot using the Cortex Microcontroller. This bundle is perfect for upgrading from legacy hardware, or for schools with enough spare structure to start building additional robots!

  • (1) Cortex Microcontroller
  • (1) VEXnet Joystick
  • (2) VEXnet Keys
  • (4) 2-Wire 393 Motors
  • All necessary batteries and chargers

Starter Kits

Everything needed to build your first robot today.

VEX Cortex Starter Kits are great hands-on tools for teaching STEM education to students. With helpful instructions, tools, and default programming code included, any student or hobbyist can build their first Clawbot in a matter of hours.

  • Low-cost kit is a perfect introduction to robotics
  • Build the Clawbot and pick up objects
  • Pairs seamlessly with the free VEX Cortex Curriculum
  • Basic drive base can be used for many designs
  • Learn about center of gravity and other concepts
  • Includes robot programming software options

Classroom & Competition Kits

Everything needed to build your first robot today.

Classroom & Competition Kits take educational robotics to the next level. The wide variety of additional included parts means that a team of students can build a robot that is bigger, stronger, and more functional.

  • Build robots that feature additional sensors or linkages
  • Enhances lessons found in the VEX Cortex Curriculum
  • Includes popular accessories used in competition
  • Choose Mechatronics or Programming options
  • Includes robot programming software options

Classroom Bundle

A complete STEM classroom solution for 24-30 students.

Use this bundle to transform your classroom into a robotics arena. When a lesson plan turns competitive, engagement skyrockets as students become more motivated, creative, and focused.

  • Includes enough materials for a six-team event
  • Classroom & Competition Kits enable advanced designs
  • Use with the VEX Cortex Curriculum for a whole class
  • Versatile field perimeter assembles in minutes
  • Swept Away game kit is ideal for all skill levels
  • Includes robot programming software options