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GO Kits

VEX GO is a STEM construction system for 3rd - 6th grade students.  GO kits contain all parts, motors and electronics needed to bring STEM to life!  Learn more about VEX GO >

Storage Done Right
The GO Kit with Storage is pre-sorted into a convenient re-usable carrying case.  This keeps all the parts organized and easily accessible. 

Coding Done Right
Block based coding is easy for young coders with VEXcode. Available for Tablets, Chromebooks, Macs and PCs.

STEM Lessons
Our latest research-backed educational solution is called STEM Labs. These 40-minute lessons can be utilized in sequential order to create unique, extended learning experiences. STEM Labs promote collaboration and exploratory learning.

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GO Kit (269-6911)

(1) Brain
(1) Battery
(1) Switch
(3) Motor
(1) Eye Sensor
(1) LED Bumper
(1) Electromagnet

(5) Red Beam
(9) Green Beam
(5) Yellow Beam
(2) Blue Beam
(6) Orange Beam
(2) Pink Beam
(2) Dark Gray Beam
(2) White Beam
(2) Black Beam
(2) Gray Beam
(4) Green Large Beam
(3) Yellow Large Beam
(2) Blue Large Beam
(3) Orange Large Beam
(2) Dark Gray Large Beam
(3) White Large Beam
(3) Black Large Beam
(2) Gray Large Beam
(2) White Plate
(2) Black Plate
(2) Gray Plate
(2) White Large Plate
(3) Dark Gray Large Plate
(3) Green Angle Beam
(4) Yellow Angle Beam
(2) Orange Angle Beam
(8) Spacer
(4) Pink Slotted Beam
(3) Orange Connector
(2) White Name Plate
(6) Red Square Beam
(2) Red Angle Beam
(2) Gray Slide Beam
(2) Gray Slide Block
(2) Blue Thin Beam
(53) Red Pin
(7) Green Pin
(5) Pink Pin
(7) Yellow Standoff
(8) Blue Standoff
(5) Orange Standoff
(9) Red Connector
(8) Yellow Connector
(5) Blue Connector
(4) Green Connector

(2) Plain Shaft
(6) Shaft Collar
(3) Green Pulley
(2) Orange Pulley
(2) Tire
(2) Gray Pin
(2) Short Rope
(2) Long Rope
(2) Orange Knob
(2) Gray Wheel
(2) Blue Wheel
(6) Red Gear
(3) Green Gear
(5) Blue Gear
(2) Pink Gear
(2) Capped Shaft
(4) Red Shaft
(4) Green Shaft

(1) Pin Tool
(1) Tile
(2) Rubber Band
(1) Black South Magnet
(1) Red North Magnet
(1) Red Disk
(1) Green Disk
(1) Blue Disk
(1) Astronaut Minifigure
(1) USB A-C Cable

GO Kit with Storage (269-6705)
All parts listed in GO Kit
(2) Storage Bins
(2) Clear Plastic Sorting Trays
(2) Part Locator Sheets