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VEX IQ Competition Kit (2nd generation)

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The VEX IQ Competition Kit contains everything you need to build and refine your competition robot.  

  • Designed for one competition robot.  
  • Four organized storage bins keeps all your parts in one place.  
  • This kit uses 2nd generation VEX IQ Electronics and a new kit of parts.
  • See the graphical Competition Kit of Parts


  • One IQ Robot Brain (2G) with a color screen.  Now programmable with Python
  • One IQ Robot Battery (2G) using Lithium-ion technology and a battery charge indicator.  
  • One IQ Controller (2G) enables wireless robot driving and code download. 
  • One IQ Distance Sensor (2G) for accurate laser based distances without interference.  
  • One IQ Optical Sensor detects light, color and gestures, even in darker rooms.  
  • Six IQ Smart Motors, one Bumper and one Touch LED


  • Large assortment of Beams, Plates, Connectors, Standoffs, Pins, and Shafts
  • New sizes of Spur, Bevel, Worm, and Rack Gears
  • Variety of Sprockets, Chain, Tank Tread, and Intake Flaps
  • Expanded types of Traction, Balloon, and Omni-Directional Wheels
  • Specialty motion parts: improved Linear Motion, Ratchet & Pawl, Cams, Shock Absorbers, Ball Joints, Winch & Rope and three sizes of new thin plastic sheets

More information about the 2nd generation of VEX IQ >


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IQ Competition Kit (2nd generation) (228-7980)

  • VEXcode Download (Coming Soon)