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VEX IQ Plotter by Andreas Dreier

This Cartesian plotter is capable of drawing just about anything. By using the (X,Y) coordinate system and precise movements, this robot can draw extremely detailed pictures such as R2-D2, and Minions!

VEXsorter by Philo Hurbain

This robot utilizes the VEX IQ Color sensor to detect the color of objects, and sort them. This particular build uses a distance sensor to precisely move the conveyor belt, and also has a chute to store multiple items.

iQuadruped by Xander Soldaat

Build your own walking robot with the IQuadruped. Each leg module moves independently, allowing the robot to quickly move across a flat surface.

VEXporter by Chris Smith

Use VEXporter as a quick and convenient way to move your VEX IQ Storage Bin about. This robot's unique drivetrain consists of 4 large sprockets wrapped in tank tread, and 2 omni-directional wheels to allow for fast, precise turns.

Spiderbot by Andreas Dreier

A VEX IQ take on your favorite childhood game. Use the Spiderbot as a fun way to pass time, hone your driver skills, and save money at the arcade.

Orrery4 by Mike Brandl

An orrery is a mechanical model of the solar system that illustrates or predicts the positions and motions of planets and moons. Now you can create your own entirely out of VEX IQ!

Note: Orrery4 uses modified 12 tooth gears. Click here for an image, or here to download an STL file.

VEX Ball Contraption

As seen at VEX Worlds, the VEX Ball Contraption is a collaborative project where users bring "moving ball" modules that are chained together. Each module must transfer, (by any means) a ball from its input to the input hopper of the next module in the chain.

VEX IQ Herobots

Each of these robots can be built using just one VEX IQ Super Kit. Every bot is unique in its own way, and teaches builders a variety of STEM concepts during construction. Which one is your favorite?

Gentile Hands by Mike Brandl

Similar to a FANUC robot, watch this robot autonomously pick up a ball, and pass it off to its other half. This motion is perfectly repeatable, and the two halves work together in sync to complete the same task.

Graffitibot by Andreas Dreier

Similar to the VEX IQ Plotter, GraffitiBot uses pre-programmed instructions to allow builders to write whatever they can imagine. Give GraffitiBot a command, and watch it elegantly write your favorite quotes, lyrics, or sayings.

VEX IQ Ball Painter by Andreas Dreier

Personalize your own VEX 25mm ball to run in Great Ball Contraptions!

VEX IQ Simon Game by Damien Kee

Sharpen your memory with this VEX IQ Simon Game. Start off by repeating a simple pattern, but as the game advances, more steps are added. How high can you score?