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Hands-on engineering limited only by imagination.

Invigorate a passion for STEM with robotics!

VEX V5 is a STEM learning system designed to develop crucial problem-solving skills and computational thinking that will serve students through grade school and beyond.

VEX V5 Construction and Control System.

VEX V5 is a metal-based robotics platform with bolt-together pieces that are machinable to create any mechanism. Students can begin at any level and move to more advanced engineering concepts as they explore and challenge their robotic designs and programs. The VEX V5 Brain enables wireless driving and wireless programming while the V5 Controller provides users with instant feedback from the Robot Brain.

VEXcode and 21st century skills

VEX V5 can be coded using VEXcode, a coding environment that provides students with an authentic programming experience and enables their VEX robots to become an engine of invention. Students use the same tools and programming languages that professionals use every day. With VEXcode, students acquire workforce readiness, and develop their identity as a programmer.

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"I love the student's enthusiasm when working through VEX Robotics assignments. The levels of ambition and the evolution of creation is awe inspiring. The students teach themselves more than I could imagine in any given challenge."

- Carole L.

High School STEM Teacher

"VEX has given my students opportunities to create robots that Jumpstart their path into college and careers."

- Adam S.

High School Robotics and Automation Teacher

"Robotics truly engages the students as they learn about physics, electronics, team work, project management, and collaboration. This is a truly motivating platform for allowing students to be involved in a real world experience where people work together toward a common goal from many disciplines."

- Sandra R.

High School Pre-engineering Teacher

VEX Robotics Competition

VEX Robotics Competitions ignite the competitive spirit! Every year, a new VRC game is introduced and this year’s game is called CHANGE UP. In preparation for competition, teams machine a robot that can excel within the game’s rules and regulations to score as many points as possible. Competitions are held across the country and culminate at the VEX Robotics World Championship in April!

The Robotics Education & Competition (REC) Foundation seeks to increase student interest and involvement in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) by engaging students in hands-on sustainable and affordable curriculum-based robotics engineering programs across the U.S. and internationally.

In addition to operating and supporting competitions for some of the world’s leading robotics platforms and organizations, including VEX, TSA, and BEST Robotics, the foundation also provides program support and

workshops focused on technology and professional development for educators. The REC Foundation is a US-registered 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization.

For more information, visit the REC Foundation website at


VEX V5 comes with free plug-in lessons called STEM LABS. These fun, easy to follow, hands-on lessons are aligned with educational standards. They encourage teamwork, collaboration, and guided exploration!

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VEX V5 Kits & Classroom Bundle

VEX V5 Classroom Super Kit

VEX V5 System Bundle

VEX V5 Competition Super Kit