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Works on Chromebooks, Amazon Fire, Android tablets, iPads, Windows and Mac

Drive Forward is the new Hello World

We all know that robots attract kids to learn STEM. VEX makes computer science come to life through collaborations, hands-on projects, and engaging experiences. From classrooms to competitions, VEXcode helps to create the next generation of innovators.

Drive forward is the new hello world

Drag & Drop Blocks

Students and Teachers will feel instantly at home with this familiar environment.

Drag and Drop
Drag and Drop

Video Tutorials. Grasp concepts faster.

Built-in tutorials cover every aspect needed to quickly get up to speed. And more tutorials are coming.

Video Tutorials

Help is always there.

Getting information on blocks is fast and easy. These resources were written by educators, in a form that both teachers and students will grasp quickly.

Help is always there

More accessible than ever

VEXcode even helps across language barriers, allowing students to read blocks and comment programs in their native language.

More accessable than ever