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Works on Chromebooks, Amazon Fire, Android tablets, iPads, Windows and Mac.

Blocks and Text. Together.

The Code Viewer allows students to see Blocks and Text at the same time, in real-time.

Blocks and Text together

Transition to Text. One simple click.

Inside the Code Viewer, students can convert their Block-based project to a C++ or Python Text-based project.

(Coding language availability may vary for each VEX platform)

Transition to Text

Drag and Drop, meet Text Coding.

The Code Toolbox allows users to see all available robot commands in VEXcode.

Drag and Drop

Help is always there.

Getting information on coding is fast and easy. These resources were written by professional programmers, in a form that both teachers and students will grasp quickly.

Help is always there

Autocomplete makes coding faster.

Quickly type in commands using VEXcode's smart Autocomplete. Only devices configured in your project show up in the Autocomplete list.

Autocomplete makes coding faster

Get a head start with sample code and templates.

Jumpstart your learning by starting with an existing project, covering every aspect of coding, controlling robots, and learning to use sensors.

Get a head start