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VEX V5 Get Started

VEX V5 Workcell Get Started


VEX V5 Workcell

The VEX V5 Workcell is an introduction into the world of industrial robotics. These unique STEM Labs and educator resources provide students with the opportunity to develop technical and problem solving skills by designing and building a simulated manufacturing workcell with a five axis robot. Nearly all products manufactured in the world today utilize some form of mechanization, many of which include robotic workcells. The V5 Workcell utilizes a robotic arm and conveyor systems build out of parts designed to work with the VEX V5 system.

Use this page as a guide to getting started with your own V5 Workcell materials. Each section offers helpful links that will help you get organized, plan lessons, and be prepared to teach with the V5 Workcell in your setting.